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Exploring Congost de Mont-rebei

Congost de Mont-rebei

Hiking at Congost de Mont-rebei

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Congost de Mont-rebei, Lerida

About 250km from Barcelona is the beautiful Congost de Mont-rebei in Lerida, Spain. I visited with a couple of friends while my brother was here and the views were just breathtaking. You can take in the views from below by renting a kayak or from above by hiking the trail. We chose to hike the trail and went for a quick swim prior to starting as it was such a hot day. Even though we didn't finish the trail, you can already see from the photos that this is a must see for anyone who likes Landscape or Travel Photography.

The mountains are high and there are a couple of different hiking trail you could take. The longest trail is about 5-6 hours. But if you're one to stop here and there to take some stunning photos of the views, then usually the trails take quite a bit longer. So if you're going to visit, I'd recommend planning it as an all day trip and driving out very early in the morning so you have enough time. Grab some lunch with you and make sure you have a few bottles of water to stay hydrated.

You can get there by car which will take around 3.5 hours, or by train/bus which takes about 4.5-5.5 hours. If you're going there by pubic transport you'll have to take the bus/train from Barcelona to Litera and then take the bus from Litera to Cognost de Montrebei. The trip will definitely be worth it, so if you're visiting Barcelona for more than a few days, I'll recommend checking it out.


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