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Beauty and perspective

Photoshoot in Barcelona

Fashion photoshoot in Barcelona

Portrait shoot in Barcelona

Styling a new trendy summer piece

Beautiful Barcelona photoshoot

Barcelona is a beautiful place for photo shoots. There are so many places you could go and get amazing images every time. You could even go to the simplest street possible, and if the lighting is good, your pictures will be beautiful. This is one thing I love about my city. But sometimes, gloomy days hit Barcelona and disrupt my shooting. So when you get just one day of good lighting amongst these gloomy days, you have to make the most of it.

I met with this lovely girl in the centre of Barcelona, and even though she said she didn't have any experience modelling, she made shooting with her so much fun. The clothing for the shoot is from a brand called Ivanuska, and was styled by the model. She decided to go for a laid back look in jeans. I think the blouse is absolutely gorgeous and you can style it up for a night out or with an office skirt for work.


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